Firma SZR “KARAN” was founded in 2004. The firm is located in Petrovac na Mlavi and main activity is production of PVC and ALU doors and windows with modern attested machines for the manufacture (windows, portals; sliding and harmonica balcony doors; front and inside doors; segment-garage doors with motor…).

Firm director Djordje Karan - mechanical engineer, have decades of experience as chef of production in one of the first companies in Serbia for this type of production.

Main characteristics of Firma “KARAN” are quality, good organization, effective production, trained work people, speed, respecting deadlines and wishes of the customer.

Many buildings with new, modern doors and windows, giving as a proof about good production and work of Firma “KARAN” (from small houses, apartments, family houses, till bigger buildings as motels, hotels… ), and thousands of satisfied customers and users of our services.

Firma "KARAN" deals with productions, transportation, removal of old and installation of new doors and windows.

Director and owner of Firma “KARAN”
 Djordje Karan



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